Kansas City Royals Writers

Dylan Miles


GCU '19. Kansas City Royals aficionado and writer for @KingsofKauffman. Pittsburgh Steelers die-hard. Fantasy baseball nerd. AZ Coyotes. AN.

Greg Franklin


Graphic designer, writer, music maker, BBQ enthusiast, Kansas City Royals fan, cat wrangler. Not really from Kentucky, though. Master of The Royal Basement.




Chris Weaver


Husband, pops, film producer, indie rock fanatic, bourbon afficiando, Jayhawk, Royal blue, Kansas City, and sadly, a writer.

Writer of children's books, teacher & a happy dad. Author of Casey KC, the story of a boy whose talent and trickery land him a spot with the Kansas City Royals.

Bobbie Gossage


Writer, editor, and Oxford comma enthusiast. Obsessed with nail art, the Kansas City Royals, and Patrick Mahomes.

Diana Reese


Freelance journalist and writer. Love my kids, chocolate, summer, the Kansas City Royals and Christmas. One of best pieces I ever wrote: http://www. Parade.com/JasonArkin